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A central vacuum system is often used to ensure that your home is immaculate and free of dust, insects, bacteria, and other biological pollutants. However, like most cooling and heating systems, the central vacuum system is susceptible to dirt, dust and bacteria. It becomes essential to have it cleaned regularly so that your home is spotless and the indoor air quality is optimal.

When the central vacuum system is utilized, the pollutants it filters are stored in its vacuum flow bucket. As the flow bucket remains inside the central vacuum, the accumulated pollutants are still present within the premises and can still serve as a source of contamination in the home.

Vacuum Flow Cleaning calgary Clean Vacuum Bucket

If not cleaned and maintained regularly, a central vacuum system may become more of a hindrance in keeping your home and the air quality clean. Some concerns that may arise with a central vacuum system that is not properly maintained include:

  • The dirty vacuum flow bucket becomes conducive for different parasites and bacteria to grow and multiply.
  • The pollutants which you’ve painstakingly tried to get rid of simply gets reintroduced into your home with each use of the vacuum, making cleaning efforts futile and allowing for the continued compromise of indoor air quality.
  • The central vacuum system’s efficiency is greatly affected, leading to higher utility bills, and eventually, costly repairs of the system itself.

Cleaning Your Vacuum to Keep Your Home Clean

Using powerful, truck-mounted cleaning units, we can remove large amounts of debris from your central vacuum system’s flow bucket. Whether it’s dust, dirt, human and animal dander, or any other type of biological pollutant, it will be completely removed from the vacuum flow bucket.

The rest of the central vacuum is then cleaned, including the pipes down to the central vacuum unit. Using an air wash wand, the bottom of the central vacuum unit, its motor compartment, and its filter are cleaned separately to ensure each one is free of any debris or residue. All dirt removed is collected via a suction hose that brings it out to the truck-mounted cleaning unit.

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