Furnace Sanitization

Furnace Sanitization

Furnace Sanitization and HVAC System Sanitization is proven to significantly reduce microbial growth in your duct system, and helps prevent your system from becoming a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria, biological pollutants, and dust mites.

Even a spotless home can unknowingly encourage the growth of invisible toxic particles, but the effects on an individual’s health depends on the type of pollutant and the individual’s sensitivity; some have allergies reactions, infectious diseases, or other respiratory symptoms. All this pollutants can be removed by furnace sanitization and HVAC System Sanitization.


The Benefits of Furnace Sanitization

  • Significantly reduces microbial growth
  • Prevents unwanted bacteria, biological pollutants and dust mites from breeding
  • Reduces allergic reactions, colds, diseases and other respiratory symptoms
  • Eliminates odors from within the duct work

HVAC System Sanitization is Especially Recommended When:

  • There are children and elderly living in the home
  • There are pets present in the home
  • Moving into a previously occupied home
  • Allergic reactions or colds become more frequent
  • There is a noticeable “stuffiness” or stale air in your home

Why Heating & Cooling Systems Need to be Sanitized


Sanitization of the furnace and duct system significantly reduces exposure to unwanted bacteria that live in HVAC system and consistently circulates throughout your home with every furnace air cycle.

To sanitize HVAC systems we use Benefect,Botanical Disinfectant, that is naturally produced from plant-based antimicrobial extract and kills over 99.99% of bacteria, mold, fungal spores, microbacteria, HIV and many other microbes and bacteria.

This product is extremely safe for indoor and outdoor use as it’s formulated with pure, botanical, and biodegradable ingredients. Benefect doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances as main components of this disinfectant are naturally produced essential oils from thyme plants.

Benefect also contains strong odor management properties and is very effective in killing and preventing odor-causing microorganisms that can often occur in far-to-reach places.

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Benefect Features:


  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • No label warnings or signal words
  • Made from plant extract
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No rinse of wipe required

Benefect is recognized the safest Botanical Disinfectant on the market and was approved by Health Canada for all routes of exposure which include: inhalation, ingestion,skin irritation, skin sensitization and eye irritation.

Procedure Overview

We use a chemical fogger machine that fogs sanitizer product throughout the entire ventilation system. The fogger allows to coat the inside surface of the ductwork to kill the allergens and bacteria.

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