Furnace Inspection

Furnace Cleaning Calgary Procedure

furnace-cleaningRegular furnace and duct cleaning will significantly improve indoor air quality in your home. It will reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your heating and cooling system, and your exposure to unwanted bacteria.

Furnace cleaning Calgary procedure requires cleaning not only of the ducts themselves, but tuning up the entire furnace system. This includes the blower, heat exchangers, cooling coils, and condensate pan, all of which improve efficiency of your furnace equipment.

What techniques, equipment and procedures are used for furnace and duct cleaning?

To clean your furnace and ducts, Western Canadian Furnace Company uses the Skipper Line System, the most efficient and effective technique on the market.This procedure delivers approximately 250 pounds of pressure per square inch. With this pressure, all dust and dirt in the system gets pushed down to the bottom of the furnace, where it gets sucked out by a 10 inch vacuum hose connected to the Truck Mounted Unit. The Truck Mounted Vacuum system creates about 1600 pounds of suction per minute, drawing out dust and dirt from your furnace.

To perform furnace cleanings, Western Canadian Furnace Company uses equally competitive Heat Seal Vac truck mounted systems. This technique has been recognized as the most effective in the industry.

If your house has a high efficiency furnace or air conditioning unit, the furnace cleaning procedure will require a Bypass Cleaning. This procedure is designed to perform quality work without damaging delicate air conditioning and furnace coils.

A 22 Point Safety Inspection is also performed with each furnace cleaning job to evaluate the status of your heating system.You can learn more about this Furnace Inspection by clicking here.

We offer a variety of Furnace Cleaning Packages to choose from. These are designed to:
  • Provide the full servicing of furnace and ducts
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Assess the safety, lifespan and energy efficiency of the HVAC system
  • Provide tools and solutions needed to avoid risk of expensive repairs