Furnace Chimney Cleaning

Furnace Chimney Cleaning

Furnace Chimney Cleaning in Calgary is a keystone service for the safe and efficient operation of the HVAC system. It’s performed to ensure the free airflow of flue gases and prevent clogs and blockages from being formed in the furnace chimney. It allows for combustion that produces carbon monoxide to be properly vented and not spill back into the house.

 Furnace Chimney Cleaning Includes:

  • Cleaning of the Connector
  • Inspection of the Exterior Chimney
  • Thorough Chimney Sweep
  • Inspection of the Interior Chimney
  • Complete Removal of Soot Inside the Chimney
  • Furnace Start-Up and Checked for Proper Chimney Draft


Timely Furnace Chimney Cleaning Eliminates the Dangers of:

  • Oil soot (unburned carbon and sulphur) accumulating on the walls and at the base of the chimney
  • The restriction of the flow of flue gases: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour
  • Combustion spilling back into the house
  • The corrosion and eventual deterioration of the chimney’s interior lining
  • The chimney’s insides inability to hold the by-products of combustion, heat and flue gases
  • A potential fire and health hazard

This service is sometimes overlooked as the furnace chimney is often seen as its own unit, rather than being an important part of the HVAC system as a whole, which compromises the safety and indoor air quality of the home.
In order to get the most value out of regular HVAC system maintenance, it is best to have the furnace chimney cleaned and serviced when a Furnace Cleaning and Inspection is performed.

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