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Your Guys Did a Great Job | Kelly from Calgary 

Just wanted to say thanks so much for coming and cleaning my furnace and ducts etc. Your guys did a great job.  Hardly knew they were here! Will continue to use this service in the future as very affordable and well done.  Thanks, Kelly

Technicians Work Ethics Were Above Reproach | Hanne & Alex J.

Just a small note of appreciation regarding your services for furnace and duct cleaning and also for the very pleasant and customer oriented phone representative during our conversation and booking of the appointment.

Right from the start Randal and his associate (I apologize for not remembering the other technician’s name) were very professional, friendly and job oriented. While Randal explained the work order to me (which had been sent to me by email from your home office previously), Mr. X hauled in the monster of a vacuum hose and went about his job, while Randal did his diagnostic of our furnace etc. The only serious concern which he explained in length to my husband was a badly worn thermocouple (which had been replaced in 2008 and should actually have a much longer lifespan). Replacing the part seemed to be a reasonable and beneficial suggestion and so we agreed. Your technicians work ethics were above reproach and very recommendable.

Again, you have proven to us that we had chosen the right company to do the job!!!!!

Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Professionalism and Efficiency | P. Valenz

After receiving negative service from another company, Western Canadian Furnace completed the job I hired them for with professionalism and efficiency. They arrived on time, answered all of my questions, did a complete job without disturbing or damaging any of my belongings. Thank you!

Efficient Work and Respectful of Our Home | Lori

I wanted to forward this note of thanks for the work that Randal and Ram did on our furnaces. They were both great at introducing themselves – great eye contact and shaking my hand. They took the time to listen to me. They also took the time to ensure that I understood the safety issues that were present and what they could do. They both took their shoes off on entrance into the house and were very respectful of our home. When they left – the air was immediately fresher, and I felt secure in knowing that they were thorough as well as efficient in their work.

Thank you for passing this message on to them.

Thank you very much! | Lucie Vlach

Hello!  You asked for a feedback on the job at 3 Cedarbook Way SW on Sept 28, done by Randal and Dale.

– Were the technicians on time?

Absolutely! They arrived early!  Thank you!

– Were they helpful and respectful?

Yes, 100%. I particularly like the fact that they did not try to up-sell me anything. I was the one who asked them to do extras and

ended up getting everything done above the proposed original job.

– Were they professional and tidy?

Yes, absolutely.

– Did they explain everything to you?

Very well!

– Did they do a good quality job?

Yes, I totally agree.

– Did they leave your house clean?

Yes. Of course there is a bit of dust that kicks up after this service, but it was minimal. I was very impressed with these technicians, I would get the same service again, only if they can come again to do it.

Thank you very much!

Happy Having Your Excellent Services | Don & Linda Snow

This is to confirm that West Canadian Furnace Company have been selected to clean our furnace ducts, dryer ducts, registers and vents in our home on several occasions because we like their service and willingness to perform excellently.

Sometimes they have specials and one time they even vacuumed dust build-up from our computer.

We are happy having their services nearby!

Very Satisfied With Professional Job | Linda J.

I tried to rate Western Canadian Furnace on Google, but the link didn’t work on my computer.  My review would be.

“I was very satisfied with the thorough and professional job done by Western Canadian Furnace when they serviced my furnace and humidifier, as well as cleaning my ducts in January 2013.  The staff was knowledgeable and helpful; answering my questions and giving me advise.  I will have no hesitation calling them again for my next service.”

Thorough and Respectful of Our Home | Joanne

They were thorough and did a good job. They cleaned up after themselves and were respectful of our home. They were fast and friendly and got the job done. I would recommend them to my friends!

Prompt and Efficient| Sandra P.

One fellow came, along with his apprentice, and they were both on time and very clean when they entered the home. It took them about 10 minutes to figure out what the issue was with the furnace and the actually installation and repair didn’t take more than 30 minutes. In addition, they supplied us with further reading material on the furnace we have in our home. Overall, a very good experience.

Thank You for the Great Service | Corrine

I am very impressed with the service I received. Lee and Steve were very professional as well as provide information which will save me money down the road. Thanks for the great service you have provided.

Really Good Service | Vivian Au

Really good service, discuss hypo-allergenic concerns. Knowledgeable. Kind and on-time. Professional and was not nosy like other companies around the house. Did a good assessment and made sure all vents were accounted for before starting the job.

Guys Did an Amazing Job | Gail Stothers

I had the guys from western at my house today, they did an amazing job, they were very good at explaining everything they were doing and they left my house clean. Thanks to service guys at western:-)

Friendly, Punctual & Professional | Chantal

The two technicians were very punctual, showing up about five minutes before the scheduled appointment time. They were friendly and professional, introducing themselves and then clearly explaining what they were going to be doing. They went to work quickly and were very efficient. The technician that inspected/serviced the furnace brought to my attention two parts that were nearing the end of their life span – the flame sensor and the ignitor. He said that they may or may not last us through one more winter, but I wanted to be on the safe side and instructed him to replace both parts at their respective prices (about $120-130 for both parts combined). They proceeded to clean out all the ducts in the house with their special truck vacuum and also cleaned out the chimney and gas fireplace. All in all, they were punctual, efficient, reasonably priced, and professional. I will definitely be using them again in the future for my annual furnace/HVAC maintenance.

Efficient and Friendly |Chantal Penney

Had Randall and Randal come out to service our furnace and clean all the ducts, fireplace, and chimney. The guys were fast and efficient, while maintaining a friendly and courteous demeanor. Thank you for the great service! We’ll definitely be using you again in the future!

Professional and Easy to Work With | Dennis

Western Canadian Furnace Company has been servicing my house for me since 1996 and actually servicing my house since it was built in the 1970’s.

The people are always efficient and very courteous. They provide great customer service. They do try to up-sell when they’re here, but they’re never pushy and I don’t feel pressured to buy, in fact, I understand that they’re just doing their job so it doesn’t bother me.

I have had them out to work on a few repairs over the years and they’re always pleasant to work with. They’re very knowledgeable and I’ve not had any problems or difficulties with them. I know that if there ever is a problem, they’ll be johnny-on-the-spot to fix it! I highly recommend their services, I think they’re great!

Great Experience, No Complaints | Hiro A.

I don’t have any complaints about Western Canadian Furnace Company. If you find something went wrong, you point it out. They ask in advance when you want them to come, and they are very punctual in their service. They are very friendly too. I know I can trust them in every way.

Great Company | Robin Depnew

Great company. Their technician was knowledgeable and courteous. Would recommend them to friends and family.

Good Follow Up | Rosa Holman

I had booked to have my dad’s and my furnace and vents cleaning done. The technicians went to my dad’s house first and then came to mine. They were on time at dad’s and early for my appointment (which I had requested as I started work at 2pm that day).

The technicians were very courteous and professional. They went over the procedure they were going to do, offered other services that would be beneficial to us but not pushy.

A couple of days after the cleaning (Saturday), my dad called me to say that his furnace was not working. Dad being a senior and I not knowing much about furnaces and thermostats called Western Canadian office to let them know. They let us know that they would come check it out between 2pm and 4 pm. Well, sure enough they called me to say they were on their way before 4pm. I met them at dad’s house and they showed us how to work the thermostat, and the furnace was working. We apologized for wasting their time, but they were very respectful and said they would rather come and make sure that everything was alright. We really appreciated them coming.

I have used Western Canadian Furnace Company in the past and will definitely use you again in the future because good customer service is hard to find these days.

Thanks again !!

Thanks | Paul Doyle

We are very happy with the 1042 General Air Humidifier your technicians installed, and appreciate the fact that [the technician] took the time to explain how the plastic tube the humidifier came with was a safety hazard, and instead he installed a copper line at no extra cost. So please pass on my compliments and know that I’m very thankful.

About the Referral Program | Suzy Ghrams

I have used your company for 9 years and would like to say that I am very happy you have started a pre-booking program.

Knowledgeable Technicians | James Dore

I had [the technicians] attend to my furnace this morning and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with them. Both were very professional and knowledgeable. I will for sure recommend WCFC to friends and family. Thanks very much.

Good Service VERY Difficult to Find | Shari Wattling

I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks for the level of customer service offered by your company. My husband and I have used your company several times to clean our furnace and ducts and for servicing our furnace. Your technicians were extremely courteous, tidy and efficient at both services.

I am impressed with the level of courtesy and efficient help I’ve received. In these days of staff shortages etc. I find good service VERY difficult to find. So when I receive it, I think it is necessary to let the company know they are an exception to the norm.

Thanks again. And if I’ll have problems with my furnace in future, I’ll certainly use your company.

Extra Help with Pet Hair | David Clarke

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Western Canadian Furnace for the great service we received.

Our booking was great, the office staff met our restricted scheduling needs as my wife and I both have jobs that keep us hopping. On the day of the service it was nice to see a company show up, and not tell us to be home all day.

My wife and I are pet fanatics, and find ourselves “renting” our home to 3 cats and one very lovable, large, labrador retriever. As you can imagine, we deal with pet hair daily, perhaps even hourly!

Your techs came to our home, cleaned our furnace and ducts. Your techs also gave us advice on how to further protect our furnace from pet hair with additional filters in the return air vents, etc. He also took extra time to fix our humidifier.

I will continue to be a faithful client of Western Canadian Furnace and will recommend them continually. Keep up the great work!

Problem with Payment – Fixed | Brendan Kapuscinski

Two technicians from Western Canadian Furnace Company arrived at my residence to clean our furnace and vents. To say the technicians were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable would be an understatement, they were most professional. If that was not enough to convince me to be a repeat customer the following certainly did.

After completing the job I paid the technicians in cash. Several hours later I received a call from them explaining I had inadvertently overpaid them and they wished to make arrangements to return the money. While the values demonstrated by these two individuals speaks to the caliber of people employed by Western Canadian Furnace Company their actions positively reflect on the company’s own values..see you in a year!

Great Techs! | Elizabeth Lee

I wanted to say how pleased I am with the furnace cleaning WCFC did on June 23, 2009. The technician was honest and very helpful. I will definitely be using your services in the future if you continue to send such great guys!

Praise for Office Manager | From Katie Witham

I would like to commend and congratulate you on one of your employees – the office manager.

I was somewhat worried about our fireplace chimney not being cleaned for a long time.

On a previous work order by your company on May 22, 2008 during a furnace cleaning I had requested to check up the fireplace chimney. For some reason, your employee and I both forgot to look at the fireplace.

em>Your office manager was kind enough to keep in touch with me and arrange for this service to be done at a time when your technicians were in my area.

I found your office manager to be kind and helpful during a very busy season for your company. Her patience and excellent work ethic is much appreciated.

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