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The 1042 GeneralAire Humidifier is one of the top sellers of Furnace Humidifiers in Calgary. Installing GeneralAire 1042 Humidifier in your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly boost humidity in your home is to install a furnace mounted humidifier. The 1042 GeneralAire Humidifier has proven to be one of the best furnace humidifiers Calgary cold, dry weather and hard water conditions.

Generalaire Humidifier

This humidifier has excellent longevity due to its durability and simplicity of operation. It has autopilot settings and requires minimum maintenance. It comes complete with copper line installation.

General Operating Principles of the 1041DM Humidifier

When the humidistat senses a need for additional humidity, a solenoid valve is opened and metered water flows into the patented distribution tray at the top of the humidifier. The tray assures that the evaporator pad is moistened thoroughly and uniformly for greatest evaporative efficiency.

Dry air, warmed by the furnace, is passed through the wet pad where evaporation occurs, and moist humidified air is circulated throughout the home. Unevaporated water drains from the bottom of the unit carrying off troublesome minerals. The efficiency of design ensures more water gets into the air instead of running down the drain. The 1042DM uses less water input to produce more humidity output than most competitive units.humidifier_features

Features of the 1042DM Humidifier

Attractive Styling
Modern industrial grade design utilizing top quality, non-corrosive, high temperature materials. Proper Humidification – The scientifically designed evaporator pad results in high evaporative output and low scale accumulation. Easy to Service – Thumb screws allow easy access to the distribution trough, the drain pan, and the evaporator pad. This makes periodic maintenance quick and easy. No Moving Parts

No motor, fan or pump to wear out or lime up. Manual Air Shutter – to close bypass during cooling season. High Performance – evaporates up to 19.2 gallons per day at industry test conditions, with a metered input rate of 3.5 U.S. gallons/hour while in operation.humidifier_operation

How To Care For Your Humidifier

  • Rinse removable tray every 6 month to avoid bacteria building
  • Install new filter annually to get desired benefits of humidity
  • Check draining hose for blockages to avoid flooding

See the Premium Humidifier Maintenance Package for more information.

$35 OFF Furnace Humidifier

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