Furnace Air Dampers

Furnace Air Dampers

Furnace Air Dampers are used a a replacement for an air bucket. The bucket is that cylindrical object on or near your furnace that you might noticed due to all the cold air coming from it. The bucket is attached to a pipe that leads directly outside to provide your furnace with the necessary oxygen it requires to run properly. It continually lets in fresh air whether the furnace is running or not, constantly providing you with that unnecessary chill during winter.

Furnace air dampers prevent cold air from entering the home, since it will only let outside air in while the furnace is running. View this illustration.

Hoyme Motorized Dampers
Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Hoyme Motorized Dampers are a unique, innovative, energy efficient, environmentally friendly product that has been designed and manufactured in Canada. It has proven to be well accepted by the HVAC industry across the United States and Canada. Hoyme Dampers help homeowners to enjoy added comfort, safety and energy savings, while helping to improve environment.

Hoyme Dampers get attached to the heating system, and open when your furnace is running to provide fresh air for fuel efficiency. When your furnace stops, the dampers close, preventing cold air from coming in. Stopping cold air saves energy and increases comfort.

The Benefits of Hoyme Dampers

  • Provides comfort and saves energy by stopping cold air from coming into the home
  • Works with natural gas, propane, oil furnaces or boilers
  • CSA Certified
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Using an air damper can help you save up to 20% on your heating costs…click here to view the expected yearly savings

Diagram of a Hoyme Damper

Damper Diagram

Important Difference Between Buckets & Motorized Dampers

The Bucket

Wastes expensive heating fuel and causes a cold basement.

Damper Bucket Photo Damper Bucket Diagram

Motorized Dampers

Saves from 5% to 20% on heating fuel. Stops unwanted cold air and increases comfort.

Motorized Bucket Photo Motorized Bucket Diagram

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