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We provide air conditioning installation and air conditioning repair services in Calgary and area. We ensure the best quality air and comfort for your unique indoor environment and specific needs. We specialize in commercial and industrial air conditioning applications. Air conditioning installation | Air conditioning installation Calgary


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Air conditioning installation | Air conditioning installation Calgary

Air conditioning installation | Air conditioning installation Calgary


Air conditioning installation | Air conditioning installation Calgary


When it comes to furnace repair and cleaning in Calgary, you can trust Western Canadian Furnace Company! WCFC has been providing Calgarians with HVAC services since 1993. Our goal is to continue supporting and empowering the decisions our customers make about their home environment, while offering high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative HVAC products, services, and information.

Take advantage of our special offers, deals and promotions on furnace cleaning, furnace humidifier installation, furnace air purification system, furnace air damper and more. Check in with our staff for our special monthly promotions that provide our customers with incredible savings. Go to our Promotions page to print furnace cleaning Calgary coupons for your service.

Message From The Owner

There may be over 300 HVAC servicing companies and furnace cleaning companies listed in Calgary’s Yellow Pages, but only a handful of them are the kind you want to work with. Some of them claim to be “the best” – and yet don’t live up to be credible and professional businesses which means they govern their own standards.

Being in business in Calgary for over 20 years, we can’t even begin to tell you the horror stories we’ve heard from friends, family and clients: from poor customer service, to having to jump through hoops just to get a refund for their damaged properties and finding out that their “professional” cleaners don’t have a bond or insurance coverage…

We’ve recognized the problems in the HVAC servicing industry and decided to offer to our clients:

We also realize that the main reason people hire a furnace cleaning company is to have a clean and safe home. That’s why we’ve arrange for our technicians on-going training and certification through HVAC industry suppliers and SAIT. And they are bonded and insured. Air conditioning installation | Air conditioning installation Calgary

Ultimately, we don’t focus on the business transaction between you and us; we are much more interested in building a long-standing relationship with you based on a transparent trust, a strong guarantee, and honesty.

Bruce Irwin